2020 Recap & 2021 Outlook

This year has been like no other and at the end of 2020, we just all think:
New Year? Yes, Please!

Throughout this season, and as we move into a new (and more hopeful) year, I still want to take the opportunity to share with you the most important achievements of the ImageBiopsy Lab (IB Lab) team and look ahead into 2021. I am grateful for working with such committed professionals who are dedicated every day to set and augment the standards of Artificial Intelligence in MSK imaging.

Expanding the AI-ZOO and FDA-clearance
With IB Lab HIPPO (Hip Positioning and Pelvic Morphology) and IB Lab LAMA (Leg Angle Measurement Assistant) we introduced two more strong AI products to our ZOO platform in 2020. HIPPO and LAMA support radiologists and orthopedists alike with their fast and precise measurements of hip and leg angles in their diagnostic workflow. With these additions, IB Lab´s solutions accelerate and simplify the assessment of MSK images by providing a combined 40 relevant radiological findings. Our AI already supports medical professionals in the assessment of thousands of radiographs every month. To make life even easier for our customers, we provide a zero click integration with automated full data orchestration and report templating.

Leading the way
IB Lab elevates the current standards in MSK radiology and has raised the bar for medical AI start-ups with an unprecedented 4 CE-certified and 1 FDA-cleared products prior to Series A funding.  And yes, this makes us very proud! We’ve already been first-to-market with 3 of our offerings, and for 2021 we will further cement our position as first-mover and market leader with additional FDA & CE-clearances. Our newly established incorporation in Delaware is fundamental for the development and success  of the US market.

100 installations
Our AI solutions create true benefits in the working environments of our customers, and our sales success bears that out: 2020 will come to a close with an installed base of 100 sites. We have established luminary projects at renowned institutions in Freiburg, Heilbronn and Bonn and expanded our customer base beyond the DACH region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Spain, the UK and the US.

Joint forces with industry giants
To reach more customers in more places, we formed alliances with the leaders of the medical device  industry and integrated our AI solutions in their radiological product offerings. Once  the calendar turns to 2021, users can simply buy “AI software by IB Lab” through the online storefronts of our commercial partners, including Siemens Healthcare, Nuance Healthcare, GE Healthcare as well as MedEcon.

Growing team
Behind all these achievements and success stories is the growing team of ImageBiopsy Lab, which doubled in 2020 to 25 people (from 13 countries). This growth led us to a new home in the summer of 2020, where we enjoy 4 times as much space with room to keep growing.

Yes, 2020 was a tough year, and it will be long remembered for the global pandemic. In the face of such adversity, we adjusted, adapted and continued to grow, and there were still so many moments of happiness and success. We look forward now to 2021 and wish you good health, moments of peace amid the difficulties, and continued connections with family and friends even if they can’t be in person.

Stay healthy!
With warm regards,

Richard Ljuhar