Automatic knee Joint Space Width assessment now available at the largest and most innovative radiologist in Austria

ImageBiopsy Lab’s semi-automatic knee-osteoarthritis assessment software has now been installed for the first time at Insitute Frühwald & Partners in the city of St. Poelten. Insitite Frühwald & Partners is the largest radiologist in Austria and among the most innovative private clinics in the country.

Joint space width assessment independent of the physician

Radiographs are automatically sent to the IB Lab JSx application for an automatic analysis of joint space width. The physician completes the analysis along with assessing additional parameters which are all stored in a electronic/printed report. Computer vision algorithms detect anatomical landmarks which are used to calculate the minimum distance between femur and tibia. In addition, the calculation of the joint space area provides critical information about the cartillage distribution and deformation. In order to support the often busy practice of radiologists, the software will be further upgraded to a fully automatic grading of the orthopedic image score Kellgren & Lawrence. Orthopedics will then have the opportunity to receive a fully assessed x-ray from Insitute Frühwald & Partners to share with their patients and decide on the appropriate treatment options. Moreover, a standardized follow up of changes to the joint space width is finally available so that the patient can be reassured or necessary treatment changes can be initated.

Patients can now get our standardized and objective #assessment of their #knee #images at one of the largest and most innovative Austrian #radiologist.

joint space width assessments by ImageBiopsy Lab
ImageBiopsy Lab installing its latest software application