CEO Richard Ljuhar at StartmeUp Festival in Hong Kong

Back in February, our CEO Richard Ljuhar participated in Hong Kong’s StartmeUp Festival (Read about it in our blog.). In front of an international audience and representatives of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, he presented ImageBiopsy Lab’s solution for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. We believe that our approach using machine learning will revolutionize radiographic image analyses.   […]

Knee Osteoarthritis Predictive Imaging Consortium

Every year, new research projects on osteoarthritis (OA) are spawning all over the world. In an attempt to unify the advances that have been achieved over the past years, LE STUDIUM is calling together a consortium. Leading experts of the field will gather to create a new basis for OA research, with a focus on […]

In the national press again: Tackling osteoarthritis with AI

The use of artificial intelligence in medicine is on the rise, with ImageBiopsy Lab at the forefront in the fight against osteoarthritis (OA). The aim is to extract information from an X-ray in order to enable an early prediction of the disease and therefore optimize patient outcomes. Armed with a Deep Learning algorithm trained on […]

Artificial Intelligence can identify Osteoarthritis

A recently presented study gives insight as to how artifical intelligence can identify patients with osteoarthritis using specifically trained disease classifiers. An artificial-intelligence-driven algorithm developed by a group of researchers from Austria and Portugal outperforms the available state-of-the-art in identifying patients affected by osteoarthritis based on conventional X-rays, a recently presented study finds. The algorithm […]

Award for best poster at EFORT 2017 congress

We are proud to have received a special award for our poster presentation at the EFORT 2017 congress. The European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) has confimred that our poster entitled: “A Novel Method For Identifying Radiographic Baseline Risk Of Osteoarthritis Using An Anisotropy-Based Texture Analysis Algorithm: Data From The Osteoarthritis […]

Automatic knee Joint Space Width assessment now available at the largest and most innovative radiologist in Austria

ImageBiopsy Lab’s semi-automatic knee-osteoarthritis assessment software has now been installed for the first time at Insitute Frühwald & Partners in the city of St. Poelten. Insitite Frühwald & Partners is the largest radiologist in Austria and among the most innovative private clinics in the country. Joint space width assessment independent of the physician Radiographs are […]