ECR – European Congress of Radiology 2018

It’s that time of the year again… The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is just around the corner! This leading event in radiology is held in Vienna every March. It is the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology. Over 20,000 radiology professionals and industry representatives gather at ECR every year to exchange ideas […]

ImageBiopsy Lab collaborates with Image Analysis Group

ImageBiopsy Lab and Image Analysis Group (IAG) join forces to integrate machine learning into clinical research on osteoarthritis (OA). New therapeutic approaches such as stem cell and gene therapy are driving the need for clinical research on OA. Large amounts of X-ray data are produced in studies and need to be kept manageable. The combined efforts […]

In the national press again: Tackling osteoarthritis with AI

The use of artificial intelligence in medicine is on the rise, with ImageBiopsy Lab at the forefront in the fight against osteoarthritis (OA). The aim is to extract information from an X-ray in order to enable an early prediction of the disease and therefore optimize patient outcomes. Armed with a Deep Learning algorithm trained on […]

ImageBiopsy Lab announces a partnership with EnvoyAI

ImageBiopsy Lab is thrilled to announce a distribution partnership with EnvoyAI, an artificial intelligence distribution platform based in Boston, Massachusetts. This partnership will enable a seamless integration of our software into clinical workflows all over the world. The ImageBiopsy Lab algorithms will be offered on the plattform for the assessment and prediction of osteoarthritis based […]

ImageBiopsy Lab at the Annual ÖGO-Congress

The Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery provided the opportunity to discover cutting-edge strategies, analysis techniques and case study examples The Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery  (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und orthopädische Chirurgie; ÖGO) took place from the 30th of November to the 1st […]

International Day of Radiology – The Importance of Emergency Radiology

The discovery of X-rays was accidental, but would revolutionize the practice of medicine later on In 1895, the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was studying the phenomena associated with the passage of a high electric voltage current originated from an induction coil, through a gas of extremely low pressure with the aid of a cathode […]