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ImageBiopsy Lab supports radiologists and orthopedists in their daily decision-making with AI-based software solutions for automated measurements on radiographs. Standardized reporting further accelerates the workflow and increases the quality of patient care.

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Artificial Intelligence in Musculoskeletal Radiology

The potential of AI in medical imaging is enormous. Moreover, it is the most promising area of health innovation, developing at an accelerated rate. At that, ImageBiopsy Lab is one of the first providers in the field of machine support for physicians in diagnosing with artificial intelligence. 

Challenge our four AI solutions with your radiographs

All data updated are anonymized and deleted after demo

Knee Osteoarthritis Labeling Assistant, CE & FDA
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HIP POsitioning Assistant, CE
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Leg Angle Measurement Assistant, CE
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Bone age assessment for prognosing the height of children, CE
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Integrating IB Lab´s AI-supported software solutions into your workflow is easy: The software runs in your system – all data stays local and IB Lab does not keep any data! Existing CPU infrastructure can be used for hosting the software. 

Images are forwarded from the PACS to one of our AI-driven solutions and annotations are attached to the original study. As a medical expert, you can review the results in any DICOM viewer and the respective report is available for onscreen viewing and as a white printable PDF as well. 

The AI-results are fed as a text into predefined RIS-templates for accelerated text-based reporting. Ultimately, you decide whether or not to accept the results of our AI-driven software solutions.

Our four AI-based software solutions are CE certified and developed in full conformance with the ISO 13485 Quality Management System and available to use in the European Union. KOALA has been FDA cleared and available to use in the U.S. The remaining three products will be submitted for the FDA clearance within the next year. Our products are validated internally as well as in independent external clinical trials.  

Additionally, our dedicated and experienced research team is continuously pushing our research efforts in order to hold a high level of expertise needed for our products. We are continuously investing in novel methods for the assessment, prediction and monitoring of bone diseases and present our results at numerous prestigious conferences and congresses all over the world.

We offer AI-based software solutions as a service.

With a single setup fee, our MSK AI platform offers access to all current and future new software solutions.
You only pay for what you need: Choose from three image volume packages for each solution.

As our AI-supported software solutions are being continuously developed you stay ahead of the curve in MSK imaging without changing anything in your workflow.