Official Partner of D.A.T.A. Corporation Automed

ImageBiopsy Lab is pleased to announce a new partnership with D.A.T.A. Corporation Automed. The software company specializes in the development of high-end software for radiological applications and facilities. On the Austrian market, the integrated RIS, PACS and WEB software XR 5.7 represents a unique product, whereby the company was able to become the market leader in Austria in the established sector with this overall solution.
Cooperation partners such as D.A.T.A. Corporation Automed enable ImageBiopsy Lab to seamlessly integrate its own software applications into clinical workflows worldwide. With D.A.T.A., customers also have a single point of contact for all their IT needs. Thus, they receive the best possible service through great commitment and high competence.

Revolutionization of the health care system through KI

The topic of “artificial intelligence in medical imaging” is now a must, as it has long since arrived in our everyday lives. ImageBiopsy Lab, Aidoc, Zebra Medical Vision and other AI development partners are among the first providers of disease-specific machine learning and deep learning algorithms for clinical decision support, image analysis, workflow optimization and other radiological applications.

In addition, modern radiology fulfils a relevant prerequisite for the use of artificial intelligence. In the 1990 s, patients had to run from one doctor to another with several X-ray images in their hands. Compared to that, today’s radiologist is completely digitalized. This enables perfect cooperation between doctor and artificial intelligence. The result is a faster and more objective analysis and a seamless integration into the daily workflow.

ImageBiopsy Lab is thankful for this unique opportunity and excited to revolutionize radiology with our IT software solutions to help physicians treat their patients!


Written by: F. Bagi