ImageBiopsy Lab at the StartmeUp Festival 2018

We are excited to announce that ImageBiopsy Lab is one of three winners of this year’s Golden Ticket to Hong Kong’s StartmeUp Festival. This opportunity is provided by the Global Incubator Network (GIN) and AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA.GIN is an initiative founded, among others, by the Austrian federal funding bank aws. GIN is a contact point for Austrian start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators. Through their goAsia program, they made it their mission to connect Austrian start-ups with Asian hotspots including Israel, Japan, and Hong Kong. And this is where ImageBiopsy Lab comes in.

ImageBiopsy Lab is one of three startups which are chosen to internationalize to Hong Kong.

ImageBiopsy Lab is one of the three exclusively selected winners of the highly prestigious Golden Ticket. This provides us with the unique opportunity to speak at Hong Kong’s StartmeUp Festival. Launched in 2013, this festival introduces local and international entrepreneurs to the Hong Kong startup ecosystem. Stretching over five days, different fields such as Fintech, Smart City and the Internet of Things are covered through presentations and discussions.

ImageBiopsy Lab is introducing AI in medical imaging at the Healthtech O2O Summit.

StartmeUp HK 2018

The particular event in which our CEO Richard Ljuhar will be participating and presenting is the Healthtech O2O Summit. This platform is bringing together healthcare providers and companies like ImageBiopsy Lab which are at the forefront of technological advancements. Other speakers include founders of BookDoc and Biorna Quantics, international investors, hospital authorities and government secretaries. This broad range of speakers allows a connection between start-ups, healthcare providers, and representatives of associated industries.

Hong Kong’s StartmeUp Festival is all about establishing new partnerships and renewing the old ones.

The StartmeUp Festival is not only an excellent networking opportunity, but furthermore an opportunity to strengthen our ties with our local partner Dr. Wilson Wong, CEO and founder of Novus Life Sciences. His company offers biotechnological solutions to curing knee osteoarthritis. Another established contact which are looking forward to meeting in Hong Kong is Jardine OneSolution (HK) Limited, a well-established provider of IT solutions with over 60 years of experience. Accompanied by several community side events like Pitch & Share, these couple of days in Hong Kong will connect us with both new and established partners.

For the early birds out there: Come see our talk at the Healthtech O2O Summit of the StartmeUp Festival in Hong Kong on 1 February 2018 at 11:30! For the night owls among you: Meet us later at Pitch&Share on the same day at 19:00!