ImageBiopsy Lab announces a partnership with EnvoyAI

ImageBiopsy Lab is thrilled to announce a distribution partnership with EnvoyAI, an artificial intelligence distribution platform based in Boston, Massachusetts. This partnership will enable a seamless integration of our software into clinical workflows all over the world.

The ImageBiopsy Lab algorithms will be offered on the plattform for the assessment and prediction of osteoarthritis based on conventional X-rays.

Boston-based EnjoyAI is a cloud-based, vendor neutral distribution platform aiming to integrate machine learning into radiology by giving physicians access to over 35 cutting-edge algorithms by 16 AI development partners. The distribution and implementation of these algorithms is immensely facilitated. By making cutting-edge AI algorithms widely available, EnvoyAI paves the way for a new era of diagnosis in radiology.

Ultimately, healthcare providers will be provided with the best possible technologies to optimise patient care.

While physicians benefit from innovative algorithms, developers are supplied with a developer portal, API interface and a network of technology partners. Misha Herscu, Chief Executive Officer of EnvoyAI, explains the advantages: “EnvoyAI solves a distribution problem in the medical imaging AI space. We help algorithm developers, such as ImageBiopsy Lab, scale up from the validation stage to be able to reach a very large customer base with their products.”

EnvoyAI is backed and funded by TeraRecon, a leading company in medical imaging. Other partners include FDA-cleared icometrix and imbio, and finally ImageBiopsy Lab. We are looking forward to this exciting partnership!

Find us at: Click here to learn more about our algorithms and how EnvoyAI introduces cloud-based AI.