ImageBiopsy Lab collaborates with Image Analysis Group

ImageBiopsy Lab and Image Analysis Group (IAG) join forces to integrate machine learning into clinical research on osteoarthritis (OA). New therapeutic approaches such as stem cell and gene therapy are driving the need for clinical research on OA. Large amounts of X-ray data are produced in studies and need to be kept manageable. The combined efforts of ImageBiopsy Lab and IAG offer the tools to deal with this issue. ImageBiopsy Lab’s automated Kellgren & Lawrence scoring allows a standardized, objective and reproducible assessment on a large scale. With IAG paving the way for integrating this automated scoring system into clinical trials, this collaboration is reshaping the future of OA research.

CEO of IAG Dr. Olga Kubassova is as thrilled as the ImageBiopsy Lab team: “This is a great opportunity to aid our partners in clinical development in such a complex multi-faceted disease as osteoarthritis.”

About Image Analysis Group (IAG)

Among others, IAG are globally involved in the design and conduct of studies. One the one hand, they offer consulting on trial design, both scientifically and financially, through their experienced advisory board. On the other hand, patented benchmarking libraries and an analytics platform offer the technical support needed for data analysis. IAG’s latest innovation is DYNAMIKA, a cloud-based data management platform which allows the integration of novel analysis tools into quantitative imaging. Being ISO13485, CE and FDA510K certified, the platform fulfills the high quality standards needed for clinical trials. Their trial solutions were applied on various modalities of medical imaging. The applications range from musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis to numerous types of cancers.

This collaboration is supported with €500,000 by Eurostars, a funding and support program by the European Union and EUREKA aimed to encourage R&D in niche markets.

Find out more about our collaboration here.