ImageBiopsy Lab at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is an annual event aiming to recap the cutting-edge GPU, Deep Learning and Deep Tech developments of the past year. The GTC 2018 has kicked off with first sessions and poster presentations on 26th March 27, 2018. The second day notably starts off with the opening keynote by CEO and founder Jensen Huang.

ImageBiopsy Lab is featured in the keynote kickoff

ImageBiopsy Lab is over the moon to be representing the application of GPU accelerated Deep Learning in healthcare. Powered by NVIDIA, we are using the most advanced technologies to enhance X-ray based diagnosis and ultimately improve the treatment of bone diseases. This year’s keynote opened with NASA’s high-end space exploration technologies and closed with AirbusVahana project. Right in between, ImageBiopsy Lab’s AI solution for bone diseases is presented. Other pioneers shown in the opening sequence include Toyota’s Human Support Robot and Navya’s autonomous electric cars.

AI Brings Osteoarthritis to Its Knees – with the help of NVIDIA’s Inception program

We are thrilled to be among a selected group of startups of NVIDIA’s Inception program healthcare track. Other notable Health AI startups in the program include Arterys, Lumiata and Zebra Medical Vision. What all startups including ImageBiopsy Lab have in common: The mission to transform healthcare with the power of AI.

“The applications that I love the most of all the work that we do at HPC, is the work that we do in revolutionizing modern medical imaging. It turns out that an early detection is the most powerful weapon against disease. The sooner you detect, the better.”

Jensen Huang CEO and founder of NVIDIA at the GTC 2018

jensen huang nvidia keynote gtc 2018

The first GTC took place 9 years ago. Since then, the size of the event has grown by close to 30% each year. By now, the event features hundreds of talks on AI, VR and GTCs take place in various countries throughout the year, though the highlight is undoubtedly the GTC in Silicon Valley. The GTC Europe 2018 will take place in Europe from 9-11 October, 2018.

The ImageBiopsy Lab team is extremely honored to be featured in the opening sequence alongside the pioneers of other industries.

Watch the whole keynote intro here: