ImageBiopsy Lab at NVIDIA GTC EUROPE 2017

Deep learning, virtual reality, autonomous driving and supercomputing are some of the biggest trends sweeping through the tech industry – GTC 2017 will showcase whats hot and new in this field!

ImageBiopsy Lab has been invited to attend and present at the 2017 NVIDIA’s GTC (GPU Technology Conference) Europe. GTC 2017 is the must-attend event of the year in Europe for developers, data scientists and senior decision makers. The 3-day conference will feature 150+ new sessions on AI and deep learning, self-driving cars, big data analytics, virtual reality, and much more. This years GTC Europe takes place in Munich from Oct. 10-12.

Leading experts on the field of AI are invited to present their work, special tracks are designed to showcase some of the region’s most exciting startups. ImageBiopsy Lab has been invited to  attend and present at the Inception Connect Healthcare track, where local startups present their groundbreaking technologies to potential partners, customers and investors.

Deep Learning and artificial intelligence with GPU computing is driving healthcare innovations

A dedicated healthcare track is designed to see physicians, scientists, and researchers coming together for sessions on the future of AI across healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biomedical research.

The healthcare track demonstrates how leading medical professionals are leveraging deep learning to accelerate technology in healthcare. Presentations showcase how GPUs are driving advances in AI to enable precision medicine, improve population health management, and enhance patient care quality and outcomes.

Industry thought leaders are presenting on their use of GPU-driven deep learning solutions to unlock the potential of evidence-based precision medicine, targeted therapeutics, and pattern recognition in radiology.

In our presentation, we will discus our ongoing journey with AI and image recognition and how we use tools like computer vision, machine- & deep learning. ImageBiopsy Lab initially applies its image recognition technology to the orthopedic sector but new fields emerge in additional medical fields such as fracture prediction in osteoporosis or image analyses in rheumatology.
Come and meet us next month in Munich!