ImageBiopsy Lab chosen for Health Hub Vienna

Another acceleration program to support HealthTech startups has been called into life: HealthHubVienna. Closing the gap between innovation and healthcare, the HealthHubVienna aims to connect startups with renowned institutions. ImageBiopsy Lab has been selected as one of 10 startups to be included in this support program.

Taking the complexity out of the system

Entering the healthcare market is a challenging feat. Starting a business is difficult enough by itself, and further complicated by a strict regulatory framework. HealthHubVienna was founded to facilitate the market entry for healthcare startups. It was founded by the Austrian insurance company UNIQA and the startup service iNiTs. Their aim is to connect startups with partners such as the Medical University of Vienna, Pfizer or KPMG. The focus lies on later-stage startups with a fully functional product and first customers.

ImageBiopsy Lab at Health Hub Vienna 2018

Integrating cutting-edge technologies into healthcare

With the help of Pioneers, 70 startups have been chosen to compete for participation in the program. The emphasis lies on startups at the intersection between IT and medicine. The focus is on data transfer, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 10 companies from 7 different countries have made it to the final stage and pitched at the UNIQA tower – including ImageBiopsy Lab. Other startups include ReFlex, B-Wom and contextflow. All these startups have been chosen for the quality of their innovation and their potential to make healthcare more efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

This support program is scheduled to last three months. The main events in this acceleration program are workshops with mentors and experts for business development, regulatory affairs and funding. Furthermore, the acceleration program concludes with a demo day where products and business models are presented to potential investors.

health hub vienna 2018 - Group picture with Image Biopsy Lab Members

UNIQA’s CEO Andreas Brandstetter recognizes the potential: “Startups drive innovation. We want to give them room for creative ideas and support them with the implementation of their ideas.”

The ImageBiopsy Lab team is thrilled to part of this exciting journey!