ImageBiopsy Lab’s presentation at Deep Learning Meetup

The Deep Learning Meetup is an event regularly held in Vienna. It is open to both developers working with Deep Learning and those simply interested in it. Our CTO Christoph Götz gave a talk on how ImageBiopsy Lab’s AI solutions are enhancing the medical expert and how AI can be delivered to the customer. In case you missed it, you can watch the talk on Youtube below:

Deep Learning Meetup Youtube
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Deep Learning: a success story

Ever since Deep Learning took off, the rapid developments are almost impossible to keep up with. The technology has been pushed by giants like Google and Facebook. Applications range from image and object recognition to speech recognition and natural language processing. In order to try and get a handle on the latest developments and applications, Vienna’s Deep Learning Meetup brings together the brilliant minds of the field. This year’s presenters included our very own CTO and Anouk Visser of, who are dedicated to detecting defects on turbine blades and solar panels.

Turning research into a product

Besides discussing novel Deep Learning approaches and frameworks, this year’s event had a strong focus on the intersection between research and industry. Our CTO explained our venture to become the global leader in image analysis algorithms for orthopedics and all the difficulties that come with it. What is it about medical images that is so different from normal photographs? How can AI become a medical product? And importantly: How can AI ultimately be delivered to the customer?

IB Lab Analyzer
CTO Christoph Götz presenting the IB Lab Analyzer

Find out more about our vision and mission here.

FDA approval is a huge milestone which we are aiming to achieve next year. Due to the strictly regulated healthcare market, this endeavor is ambitious. This is why developing a medical AI product requires a highly interdisciplinary team. Medical and Deep Learning expertise, and regulatory frameworks all have to come together to fit into a business development model.