International Cartilage Repair Society 2018 Congress

The International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) is a unique forum dedicated to research and education on cartilage repair and regeneration as well as joint preservation. This year’s world congress takes place in Macau from 9-12 April 2018. Our research partner, orthopedist and orthopedic surgeon Univ. Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer will be attending the event. He is the dean of the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedics at Danube University Krems.

The ICRS connects orthopaedic professionals to advance regenerative medicine.

The ICRS has made it its mission to drive progress in the research of regenerative medicine and the prevention and treatment of joint diseases. This is achieved by several means, including funds and financial support, educational and training programs as well as electronic and online resources. Furthermore, they are working with regulatory bodies to ultimately bring innovations in the field to the patient.

International Cartilage Repair Society
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Introducing the latest research on joint health at ICRS 2018.

The ICRS world congress gathers professionals of the orthopaedic community to advance state-of-the-art treatments and preventive measures concerning joints and cartilage. The annual world congress allows physicians, scientists and researchers to exchange their ideas, thoughts and research findings. With our involvement in orthopedics and the realm of joint health, the ICRS is a valuable opportunity to reach out to professionals from all around the world. For this reason, our research partner and orthopaedic professional Univ. Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer will be attending the ICRS 2018.

For anyone interested in the latest advances in regenerative medicine and joint health: This is the place to be. In case you forgot to register, onsite registration is possible. Further information on registration is available here.

The event will see four days packed with scientific sessions and poster presentations.

The topics addressed include osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy, physical therapy and imaging techniques. Furthermore, an industry exhibition will showcase orthopaedic and cartilage repair related products and enable exchanges with industry partners such as Cartiheal. They investigate treatment methods for a range of cartilage and joint surface lesions. Many other innovations like these will be presented at ICRS 2018.

We are looking forward to learn about the progress that has been made in the field of joint health!