Radiologist vs Artificial Intelligence – Hip Angle Measurement put on a test

ImageBiopsy Lab is proud to present a review and demo of our HIP POsitioning (HIPPO) tool by Dr. Christoph Agten, MSK Radiologist, and Christoph Haarburger, machine learning and AI expert and co-founder at Aristra, a Germany-based teleradiology company.

The video presents an overview of IB Lab HIPPO™ and a number of demo cases chosen by the presenters and analyzed by IB Lab HIPPO™ via the IB Lab Demo portal. Dr. Agten concludes with a head-to-head analysis of IB Lab HIPPO™ vs manual annotations, in which he works for the same amount of time as IB Lab HIPPO™. Dr. Agten emphasizes that IB Lab HIPPO™ has the potential to relieve the physician of tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more complex and time-consuming studies.



Like all of IB Lab’s modules, IB Lab HIPPO™ integrates into the PACS environment and can be set up with auto-routing to produce available outputs alongside the original study. In fully automated mode, you can get the results immediately. The time taken by IB Lab HIPPO™ or any other ImageBiopsy Lab modules is time saved for the clinical reader.

IB Lab HIPPO™ produces GSPS overlays on the original DICOM to enable verification of landmark and line placement, and a graphical report with the norm ranges that can be provided to the patient. It can also generate structured reports for downstream RIS integration.

Contact us for any questions you may have about IB Lab HIPPO™ or any of our other CE-cleared medical software modules.