What to expect from SIIM 2018

This year’s SIIM conference is putting its focus on two particular developments which we have seen in the past years. Firstly, the role of the patient and secondly, the power of AI. Here is our take on what the SIIM 2018 is all about and the must-sees of the conference.

A new era in patient engagement

As author Dave deBronkart puts it: “Patients are the most under-used resource in healthcare.” His opening talk will shed light on how the internet has empowered both patients and clinicians. This development has completely transformed the interaction between patients and physicians – it has put them on the same page. This topic is further explored in “Patient Engagement: Our Role in Engaging Patients”, a core topic session at 9:45am. If you want to learn more about this, don’t miss the opening general session on Thursday, 31 May at 8am.

Find the detailed program of the SIIM 2018 here.

Bringing AI to medical imaging

The second focal point of the conference is, of course, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Sessions range from basic ethical discussions to everyday use of AI. The provocatively titled “Imaging Informatics Smack Down: Will Computers Replace Radiologists?” debate aims to answer basic ethical questions.

This MIT Technology Review article explains why AI will not replace doctors any time soon.

A roundtable on “Infrastructure for Machine Learning” is gets right down the practical issues. The closing general session “Imaging Collaboration: From Pen and Ink to Artificial Intelligence” at 3pm will wrap up this topic.

SIIM 2018

© SIIM 2018 – Washington D.C.’s most famous landmarks only minutes away, National Harbor, Maryland is home to monumental views of the Potomac River and the Nation’s Capitol.

The tech aspects of imaging informatics are dealt with in talks like “Cybersecurity: It’s Everybody’s Problem” or “The Devil in Data – How to Ensure Safety with Solution Integration”. For hands-on action, the conference also offers workshops like “Introduction to Hacking with FHIR and DICOMweb API”.

There is certainly a lot of information to take in – we are looking forward to lots of interesting debates, workshops and exhibitions!

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