Our Mission

ImageBiospy Lab´s mission is to improve the quality of life for over a billion of patients suffering from muscular and skeletal diseases by providing
AI-driven software solutions, that augment the radiological workflow enabling early detection and prevention of MSK diseases.

The Executive Team

We are a team of engineers, physicians and finally scientists. Working side-by-side, we want to improve the accuracy and consequently the efficiency of the diagnostic process by using artificial intelligence technology.

Richard Ljuhar

Chief Executive Officer

As managing director Richard oversees all activities. This includes research projects, product development and ultimately investor relations.

Christoph Götz

Chief Operating Officer

Christoph ensures the company has effective operational and financial procedures in place. He intitated the original platform designs and is the main driver for our collaborations.

Philip Meier

Chief Commercial Officer

Philip acts as the interface between our customers, partners, and the team. He drives our national and international sales and business development efforts.

Matthew DiFranco

Chief Scientific Officer

Matthew ensures the clinical relevance and efficacy of our products while managing scientific research projects and collaborations.

Zsolt Bertalan

Chief Technology Officer

Zsolt is looking at data as well as model driven problems. This also includes design, specification and consequently implementation of computer vision and after all machine learning algorithms.

Alexander Krumböck

Chief Software Architect

Alexander is the brain behind our software planning, execution and testing activities. In other words, his field of responsibilities encompass software architecture and design, integration management and finally testing.




Interested in becoming part of our team?

Our goal is to introduce a new method based on artificial intelligence technology for the early detection and thus objective follow ups of bone diseases based on conventional x-rays. In the process, our customers are mainly physicians, research organizations and eventually pharmaceutical companies in the field of musculoskeletal diseases!

According to this, we are looking for new team members. Join us on this exciting journey to build a new standard for assessing bone diseases!